Yard Sale is a GO!!

The weather for this Saturday, November 13th  looks like it’s going to cooperate. Everything’s a go and everything must go. So we are going to publish the yard sale to begin at 7am but as we both know, the crazy yard salers will be there at 6. This means we need people at our house ready to help no later than 5am. That’s right, I know it’s early but two little orphans in Colombia are counting on you to lose sleep so they can come home (yeah that was low but I bet it can get results). Seriously though, we need about 10 people willing to come to our house at 5am to help us get everything out and set-up.

If you’re coming, please let us know by commenting below. We’ve had so many people tell us they were coming that we’ve forgotten who exactly is going to help. Also tell us what time you can get there!

Are you baking? Let us know if we need to make arrangements to pick it up.

Got stuff for us? We are still taking stuff. We have completely filled our garage and are now filling our living room. Let us know if we can take some stuff off your hands.

Have you told everyone? No? Do it now! Email it, facebook it, tweet it, shout it, make your own flyers, any help to get the word out will be appreciated!


5 responses to “Yard Sale is a GO!!

  1. Oh 5 am…. HERE I COME!!!!

  2. I’m in for 5 am! Kimberly is a maybe for 5 am, but she will be there some time in the morning.

  3. We’ve got stuff for you! I’ve got a large box of useful computer accessories that I’ve waiting to donate to a good cause. Other stuff as well – when is a good time to drop it off?

  4. Kristi Foster-Coburn

    I will be bring over cookies in the shape of South America sometime early morning. Now, let’s get those babies to their forever home!

  5. Jon and Katie Mills

    We are going to bring some clothes etc. and some baked goods. We’re gunning for 5am. See you tomorrow

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