Young Party of 5

The paperwork is done. It’s settled. The gavel has fallen. They have been adopted…past tense. Nevermore will they be orphans.

They are now son and daughters.


ImagePlease note: I’m not shooting “the man” the bird. This was incidental.




12 responses to “Young Party of 5

  1. Hallelujah. Your kids are awesome!

  2. Hallelujah and Praise The Lord!!!

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  3. Amen. Praise the Lord. Beautiful family

  4. Such a beautiful family!!!!!!! Praising God for this!

  5. Oh thank you Father for your love and mercy. I know your children are so happy and I am also. Hurry home Young’s party of 5….

  6. So happy for you guys! Many joys, peace and much love

  7. Love the family pictures together!

  8. Stephanie Lawson

    I am so happy. These pictures bring tears to my eyes. Can’t wait to meet them and hear about this awesome journey God has brought you on. Praying for you all to be HOME soon 😉 Love you all

  9. Beautiful! So happy for you guys!

  10. I’m getting choked up sitting at my desk guys. Seriously, so happy for you all.

  11. YAY! I am SO happy for you all! Praise God 🙂 Y’all look so happy…what a beautiful family 🙂

  12. So Happy for you all!!! Let us know when you are state side! We would love to plan a get together perhaps over a summer vacation?!

    Brent, Stephanie, Gabriela, Rafael, and Emma Killingsworth 🙂

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