Update 8/23/13

Well, we’ve been here a day over 6 weeks. We were hoping that all legal paperwork would be completed today but it didn’t happen. I can’t even begin to tell you the variety of emotions that we’re experiencing right now. Not to mention how hard this “not knowing” is for the kids.

Here is how you can help:
1. Please pray that God would continue to pour out his grace on us. Daily we need strength. One of the cool things is that we can look back over the weeks and see God giving us strength to get through each day.
2. Please continue to pray for our children and for us to be compassionate and patient with them.
3. Please pray that God would supply the funds that we need. We are now looking at being here for probably around 2 more weeks. Between food, the cost of having to cancel and reschedule our flights, as well as the $100/day for our apartment, we are looking at needing an addition $3,000-$4,000.
4. Lastly, pray for us to come home. We’re ready. The kids ask everyday when we’re going home.

The most encouraging things you can do for us is to say you are praying, actually be praying, and to send us scripture. Outside of those things, please just agree with us that this is difficult. We also love receiving random emails about how your lives are going, funny pictures of your kids/spouses/dogs/whatever. Be creative in making us laugh. Please.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We could not have made it this far without out you.


2 responses to “Update 8/23/13

  1. Donna Robertson

    Well, having to wait just sucks. My go to verse for most situations is Phil 4:13. You can do all things through Christ. He is our strength. He provides peace and all the things we need. I will say the Lord’s prayer everyday for you. He does provide our daily bread. He does forgive. He helps us forgive. He delivers us. He is King.

    My 20 year old son is in Afghanistsn serving in the army. He asked us to send him smokeless tobacco (dip). We found out that is not allowed. So, I had this sleeve of dip. What to do? I asked Joe, my 17 year old, is he had any 18 year old friends who dip. He said yes and took it. Made that guy very happy. THEN, he told his TEACHER that I GAVE him dip. Teacher was like, how old are you? Joe is like 17. Teacher is wondering what the heck kind of parents Joe has. I email the teacher to clarify. He emails me back and says, “I know both Hal and Joe. They are both very special. Bless your heart.” Hahahaha!

    Take care and praying for you daily. Adding the Lords Prayer for you. Love, Donna

  2. Praying, Jeremy and Tori. I have no profound words, but one of my favorite verses is Philippians 4:6-7. With absolute admiration and love for what you are doing- Faith
    PS- Heard that even your watch was wringing its hands!

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