Well, this blog was one dedicated to my (Jeremy) ramblings but it quickly and more importantly turned into a blog about our Adoption Journey. Below is a little about us from my perspective. If you have anything you want to know just ask!

I am the recipient of a gift that somehow was given to me though I am completely undeserving of it. Though millions of others have received the exact same gift, I am still astounded! I am the humble recipient of God’s grace. I call it a gift bc there was nothing I did to achieve it. I am despicable to the core but God who is rich in mercy because of his great love for me sent Jesus to die and take on the penalty of sin that I was unable to pay so that I could have a relationship with Him. This leaves me speechless and humbled every time I think about it. The great thing too, is that it’s available to you!!!

I am also the husband of an amazing, Godly woman by the beautiful name of Tori. She is an inexplicable gift to me. The way that God uses her as a tool of grace in my life leaves me speechless. I really mean that. I certainly do not deserve her love and commitment to me.

Well…that’s me!


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