9 months!!!

That is our average expectancy we are told. In the post yesterday I mentioned that we were recently told that we might not have a referral for up to 42 months which was alarming because that’s not what we were told initially. The extremely pleasant lady at Gladney just told us today that the average time for our referral is 9 months, 30 days being the earliest. It’s hard for us to wrap our minds around that. After our approval from the US government, which could take 2 months, we could have 2 children back in the US with us in 3 months. (2 months waiting on approval, 30 day referral, 50 days travel). That is the best case scenario. The lengthier scenario is that we would have our littl’uns by December of 2011. Either way, it gets closer!

So…the excitement continues. Pray for our hearts as we go through this! Pray also for our many friends (the Oettinger’s, Moores, and many others) who have decided to provide a loving home to orphans. Pray for the well-being of all our children as they await to be named ours!


2 responses to “9 months!!!

  1. It was so good to meet y’all on Saturday. We have more hangers if you need them. Praying for your yard sale, that your wait is short, and that you’re united with your little ones soon!

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