2ish Weeks

The past two weeks have been crazy. We assumed over the past 3 years that we would know exactly how we would react when we got to see OUR kids. We knew there would be joy, excitement, and wonder but we had no idea how those emotions would manifest themselves. We had no idea that we would incessantly stare at their pictures, gazing at and analyze the beauty of every square inch of their faces. We gaze at how how their fingers are crinkled up in excitement because their photos are being taken. It’s like we have a prized Michelangelo painting in front of us and we can’t dare look away for one second for the fear that we might miss something.

Yeah, I’m sure grape juice spills on the carpet and high-pitched shrills over who’s going to sit in the back seat of the van will temper what we’re feeling right now but for the first time ever, we’re realizing what it means to LOVE our children.

So…that’s what we’re feeling. Now for what has happened in the past two weeks. I’m going to bullet point this for the sake brevity.

  • The children were officially referred to us on May 28th.
  • June 12th they made the flight to the city from which we’ll be adopting them
  • On June 15th, they opened the care packages that we sent them which contained a photo album (pictures of us and our family) and the cheesiest home video you’ve ever seen introducing ourselves to them. That same day we received pictures of them opening the gifts and watching the video.
  • Perhaps this week we’ll get to Skype with them. To say that we are both excitement and terrified is an understatement; terrified in a good way. Our stomachs haven’t felt butterflies like this since our wedding day!

Now what? Well, we’re just waiting on our gov’t to give us final approval. That should come any day now. Once we receive that, we’ll travel within 2ish weeks. You ever felt a sense of nervousness rush over your body and into your fingers that then makes your hands shake? Yeah, that just happens when I typed that whole “2ish weeks” business.

Now, really, now what? Well, we lack about $5,000 and the only thing we know to do is to humbly ask you to donate. Furthermore, would you pray for that $5,000 gap to be closed in the next 10 days? We have funds for our plane tickets which will cost between $5-6k but we still lack the funds necessary for our stay in Colombia which is about 6 weeks.

Our friends have put together something that gives you the opportunity to sponsor one of the days that we’re in country. So far, we have 5 families/individuals sponsoring 8 days. That leaves 34 days available. Would you consider sponsoring 1 or 2 or 5 or 10? You can do that here or click the picture below.


Thanks for caring for us as we bring 3 beautiful kids into our family. We absolutely cannot wait to show you pictures of them.

P.S. If you want to stay connected to us while we’re in country, go to either of our Facebook pages and send us a message saying you’d like that. We won’t be blogging on here. If you’ve already let us know, you should already be a member to the Facebook page we have set up.


One of the Most Awesome Words



That’s right, today we learned that we have been officially approved to be a good match for Shepherd, Emery, and Isabella! This is the day that we’ve long awaited. This is the day that’s taken 3 years. This is the day that you’ve prayed for.

Now what? Just a little more waiting. HA! There’s some minor paperwork that will need to be processed over the next couple of weeks after and then after that we’ll be off to COLOMBIA. The guesstimation is that we’ll be traveling in 4-6 weeks but if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that all timelines are subject to change.


In the meantime, some of our amazing friends put this together for us. They thought of it, planned it, and put it into motion. They only wanted our approval! Can you believe that? Once again, our community has loved these kids more than we could have ever expected and we could never say THANK YOU enough.

That’s all we have for now. As more things happen, we’ll let you know.

Thank You

As with every other blog post we’ve ever done, this one is also a little late.

Is it never late, however, for us to say THANK YOU for running, walking, skipping, donating, registering to run but staying in bed bc it was way too cold and snowy to leave. WE LOVE IT ALL.

You have been such a blessing to us. Through your generous giving, we are $3,500 closer to bringing Shepherd, Emery, and Isabella home. We could never really communicate fully how thankful we are.

For those of you who registered and have yet to receive your shirt, email us and we’ll make a way to get it to you. (JeremyJYoung1 at gmail dot com)

Additionally, we have some extra shirts that we’d love to sell so we can recoup the money spent on them. They are $10. If you live out of the area an extra $5 would be helpful so we can get it shipped to you. You can purchase one by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top right and leave a comment saying you want a shirt and the size of the shirt you want. We have adult sizes from Small-XL.

Your support and prayer do not go unnoticed by us. We are forever grateful!

Lastly, we are so grateful for Carrie Chance and Abby Vance who made all of this possible. They put many, many hours into this.

Here’s a short video put together by a good friend of ours, April Dash. Enjoy!

Run for Adoption 5k from Jeremy Young on Vimeo.

A Special Day for Our Little Boy

Today is one of a couple special days for us. Today our baby boy turns 4!


Shepherd, we don’t know your personality yet. We don’t know your favorite icing, though we’re sure it would be anything sweet. We don’t know your favorite color. We’ve only seen your cute face in a photo that’s probably a couple months old. But, we do stare at that photo. We stare into it only guessing how your little personality will respond to the excitement of future birthdays. We stare into it hoping to see that big smile in person very soon! Now we’re sure all your toddlerness is quite evident at times and I’m sure you can throw some tantrums, but that will make us love you no less. We haven’t hugged you. We haven’t kissed you. We haven’t assured you of your worth as a human being created by a good God. But we want you to know that you’re already loved by us more than your little brain can comprehend. If we have anything to do with it, this will be your last birthday spent without a mom and dad who’ll undoubtedly wake your grumpy self for every future birthday at 5am and sing the most obnoxiously sounding Happy Birthday you’ve ever heard. Here’s to your last birthday as an orphan!

So, here’s what we’d like to do for you, Shepherd. Hundreds of people will read this today. Hundreds of people you don’t even know who’ve prayed for you and have helped us bring you and your sisters home are going to wish you a Happy Birthday!

So, to you our readers, our friends, our prayer warriors. Would you comment here and leave Shepherd a birthday wish?

Additionally, can you think of a better way today to wish Shepherd a Happy Birthday than registering for the run/walk 5k that is helping to fund bringing him home?

Perhaps you live hundreds of miles away but want to donate to help us get Shepherd, Emery, and Isabella home, you too can register for the 5k and we’ll give you a “ghost-runner.” We’ll make sure you finish the race! If you add an extra $5 to the amount, we’ll send you a t-shirt (to take care of postage).

Listen, we know how this might sound but we’re ok with that. Sometimes a child’s life is so important, particularly our children whom we’ve never met, that we’d do anything to rescue them.

Regardless, we hope you’ll join us in wishing Shepherd a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Son, we’re praying for you right now and promise we’ll fight to see that this is your last Birthday without a mami or papi.


Run for Adoption 5k: It’s Happening

Everything’s live! Register today!

Click here to Register.

More Questions? Go here!


Save the date: March 2nd

Some amazing friends of ours are organizing a 5k in Murfreesboro to help with some of the final costs to bring our kids home.

Date: March 2nd

More details coming soon!



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