We’re Leaving!

We are 5 days from hopping on a plane and heading to Colombia. We are 6 days from meeting our kids, face to face, for the 1st time ever. That’s right! The tickets are booked. Our apartment is reserved. There is nothing but time and a flight that separates us from our kids.

We will not be blogging while we are in country. Mainly because of that whole 3 new kids thing which means we are probably going to be exhausted and we probably won’t feel like. Additionally, we don’t want to say anything that will mess up the process. If we do blog, we’ll save them and then publish them when we return.

If you’d like to keep track with what little we do say, you can email us at YoungsInColombia@ and request to be added to an existing private Facebook group we’ve created. Please know that if we don’t know you, we may or may not add you, which I’m sure you understand. If we do know you and you haven’t been added, go ahead and email us and let us know.

Lastly, THANK YOU for “purchasing” a day to help us bring our kids home. Your generosity overwhelms us. We’ve had complete strangers give. We’ve had a recent college grad give. We’ve had people who are in the process of adopting give. When we are asked to talk about how God has used people like yourself to bring our kids home to us, we are speechless. It astounds us.

If you’d still like to sponsor a day, there are still some available. You can do that here. Then click on “How.”

Thank you so much. The next time you hear from us on here, you’ll see photos; photos of the 3 most beautiful children in the world.


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