One of the Most Awesome Words



That’s right, today we learned that we have been officially approved to be a good match for Shepherd, Emery, and Isabella! This is the day that we’ve long awaited. This is the day that’s taken 3 years. This is the day that you’ve prayed for.

Now what? Just a little more waiting. HA! There’s some minor paperwork that will need to be processed over the next couple of weeks after and then after that we’ll be off to COLOMBIA. The guesstimation is that we’ll be traveling in 4-6 weeks but if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that all timelines are subject to change.


In the meantime, some of our amazing friends put this together for us. They thought of it, planned it, and put it into motion. They only wanted our approval! Can you believe that? Once again, our community has loved these kids more than we could have ever expected and we could never say THANK YOU enough.

That’s all we have for now. As more things happen, we’ll let you know.


4 responses to “One of the Most Awesome Words

  1. YAY! What an answer to prayer! Will continue praying as you guys get closer to bringing your kids home!

  2. Hi Jeremy and Tori, Absolute congratulations! Will continue to pray that all goes well so those three children will be part of your Christian family! Hugs, Faith

  3. Looks like it will be longer than 6 weeks. Update?

    • Thanks for the question, Ann. Our stay in Colombia should be about 6 weeks but a number of things could change that. We hope to travel next week, though!

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