The news


6 responses to “The news

  1. T, how on earth did you hold that smile back?!?!?! I was dying! I loved hearing you say we have a 2 year old son… a 5 year old daughter and… I is our… daughter. Praising our loving God with you!

  2. My dearest Tori and Jeremy: I am so very excited for you both. This is an amazing answer to prayer. I know that the Lord will truly bless both of you and your new family. I can’t wait to meet them and Jeremy, you amaze me. I remember you when you were younger in church and to think you are now going to be a dad does not surprise me. You and Tori are both loving supportive and giving children of Christ. Blessings to you both and God speed those babies home.

  3. Jeremy and Tori, I’m so excited about this news! What a blessing these children will be to you and what a blessing you will be to them! Hope to meet them one day!!! Maybe they can come and help us paint! haha

    Jamie Warren

  4. YAY! So exciting how God has provided.

  5. When you were in for Christmas, I wanted to ask what was taking so long, but didn’t want to make anyone uneasy. I’m so glad you two finally got the good news. It will be such a blessing and I know there will be some very happy grandparents.

  6. Praise God! We are thrilled for you and are praying for you as you prepare. Love, Marc and Kristin Tillett

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