For coffee drinkers…especially coffee snobs

Do you love good coffee? I mean, really good coffee?

Unfortunately, I have become slightly snobbish when it comes to coffee. I’m very picky related to all things coffee. I’ve tried a number of coffees and I’m excited to say that Just Love Coffee has become not only my favorite coffee but because they are local to Murfreesboro it’s also my favorite cafe.

The even better news is that they can help us with raising funds for our adoption. When you use this link to buy merchandise and coffee, a portion of the sale goes towards our adoption. For instance, for a bag of coffee we get $5, which helps both of us. You get great coffee that’s roasted on premises at the cafe and at the same time you donate funds toward our adoption.

If you’re local to Murfreesboro, you can visit Just Love here and skip the shipping fee. Just go in and buy your bag(s) of coffee and tell them you’d like to purchase it through the “Young Colombian” storefront. Easy as that!

So just another way to help us reach our goal. Thanks for your help! I look forward to hearing you rave about the coffee!


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