Christmas Longing: an open letter to our son(s)/daughter(s)

It’s another Christmas without you. We thought that this might be the year that we could shower you with gifts. We thought this might be the year we could sip hot chocolate with you and watch “Elf.” We thought this might be the year we could see your faces light up with pure surprise and exclamation as you get the toy, clothes, games, etc that you had always wanted but never received. In your world of constant struggle and frustration you might not have even known such things existed but this will not the year you find out.

Your mom and dad long to hold you. We long to tell you the Christmas story. We long to rescue you from the broken world in which you and your brother/sister live. We long to describe and mirror to you how your mom and dad have also been rescued from a broken world and have been adopted. As we remember the birth of Jesus, who humbled himself to rescue mom and dad from their brokenness, we wait not only with anticipation of him coming back and starting a party but we also wait with anticipation of you arriving for the pre-party.

Sorry son(s)/daughter(s) this is so sappy, dreary, and not at all exciting. This letter to you is more of a downer. There’s something about the sentimentality of Christmas that does that. Maybe it’s because of the childhood memories we have of Christmases with our families. Maybe it’s the memories of us receiving the one thing for which we had waiting in anticipation for months. I really don’t know. We can’t explain it. We just wish you were here!

Maybe next Christmas we’ll be able to make all this happen. Maybe we’ll be able to sit by the fire, stare into the lights of the Christmas tree and recall all that God did in 2012 to rescue you from the brokenness of orphanhood. Remember though, you are not an eternal orphan. Before you are a son/daughter to mom and dad you are a son/daughter to your Creator. Though I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, you have a protector. The bible tells us that you can cry out to God and he’ll comfort you better than I ever could. The bible also assures us that you’ll one day have a family! We pray for that day.

“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families…” (Psalm 68:5-6)

Your mom and dad are praying for you. We’re praying for your protection and we’re praying for your rescue and we’re praying it’s soon. Merry Christmas son/daughter. You are loved right now more than you could ever know!


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