What the…

So it’s been a while since we’ve updated you primarily because there hasn’t been anything to update. As you remember, we submitted our dossier to Colombia at the end of March. When we submitted it we were told that we should hear something back within 4-8 weeks. Well…six months later he had nothing, we were just waiting.

And then last Friday came.

But first, those six months were frustrating because it appeared that nothing was happening. Well, actually nothing was happening. They were learning a new computer system that will eventuially speed up the process. But what can you expect, it’s the government. Again, it was frustrating. Don’t they know that thousands of orphans are just waiting for homes? Can’t they get on the ball? What the heck? (If you’re hung up by frustration, please continue to read…)

So Friday, we received an email that stated that Colombia had finally processed our Dossier!!! Yessss! Finally! And then, some more not so good news. They needed some clarification on some things that happened to us over 12 years ago. Really!? They want/need some info on us when we were still in high school! So the drama began. After multiple phone calls and nearly having to book a last minute flight to fly back to NC to get some documentation done we were able to convince a doctor to do a phone consult as well as have another doctor type up a letter stating that the issues faced over a decade ago were no loner an issue. We had to do this despite already having taken an intense 600 question personality profile that confirmed for the Colombians what they were asking us to do again.

So amid our frustration, “what happpened,” you ask? Well God graciously allowed us to see a glimpse of His control over all of this as He has continued to do over the past 15 months. You see, I (Jeremy) have a tendency to forget. I forget that God led us to start this journey. I forget that God has supplied us with over $20k to even do this. I forget that scripture is replete with example after example that shows that God cares for the fatherless and hears their cry. I forget the gospel–I forget that if God was willing to send his son, Jesus, to make a way for me to have access to him, then he is certainly going to provide us what we need when we need it, be it children, jobs, food, clothing, etc. My forgetfulness led to my frustration.

So where do we stand. Well we should wrap up all the phone conversations, letters, etc by the end of the week. Then they’ll have to be translated and then sent on to Colombia for the officials to review. Best case scenario, we wouldn’t be referred until February and travel until March. We’re ok with that though. The waiting is tough. We won’t lie about that.

I’m reminded that one of the major themes throughout scripture is waiting. Abaraham waited for a son. David waited in the pasture. Israel waited for a Messiah. Now, as a follower of Jesus, we wait for the day when Jesus will return to make all things new. A day when fatherless will no longer cry with despair. A day that seems so far off. But for waiting…Waiting reveals true character and reveals idols (the things that we seek and place our value in). To be personal, waiting reveals the idols of my heart and I know that I need to wait.

We are grateful for the frustration and the waiting. It has been good for us. Through the last couple months we’ve learned through various ways that God has ultimately provided for us in Jesus and he will undoubtedly continue to provide for us the things that He wishes to give us just when the time is right.

So for now, we wait.


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