14 Days to Raise $1,500

I alluded to some news a couple weeks back and here it is…we were recently approved for a $1,500 matching grant from LifeSong! Because it is a matching grant it carries the potential of $3,000. We are so thrilled about this but we need your help. You see, we can’t contribute to or fund the matching grant ourselves (as if we could). It must come from people like yourself who undoubtedly care about seeing our Colombian babies come home.The even better news is that your contributions to our matching grant are tax deductible. Awesome, huh?

There are two ways you can give:

The first is by check. You can mail your check to the address below and make sure you write “Preference Young/#2030 adoption” in the memo line.

  • Lifesong for Orphans
    PO Box 40
    Gridley, IL 61744

The second way is online through this link. After going to this link, click on donate and then in the “Purpose” field be sure to type “Preference Young/#2030 adoption”.

We have told a couple people about this who were thrilled to give but were concerned about what would happen if we surpassed the $1,500 goal. Would it go somewhere else? Would that money be lost? I am excited to say that anything over the $1,500 will also go to fund our adoption. So if you’ve been waiting to give and have wanted your donation to be tax deductible, NOW is the time.

So we have only 14 days to meet our goal! Will you help?




2 responses to “14 Days to Raise $1,500

  1. I am working on getting a checking account so I can contribute. I will be praying that God leads generous people to donate so you can bring your children home! Love you much, Tori! – Beth

  2. Any updates?

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