Long Due Update

So, the blog has been quite idle for a bit. I apologize for that. We’ve had a number of things taking place. I was in Nepal assisting some church planters for 3 weeks in March. We’ve been to an adoption training in Texas. I’ve made a couple trips to TN and then I was in Michigan for a good friend’s wedding. So there is a bit that has been happening.

So where do we stand? Well, we sent our dossier to Colombia at the end of March and have heard nothing since we’ve submitted it. We were told to expect 4-6 weeks which has now been lengthened to 3 months. Evidently they are introducing some new software that will eventually speed up the process but as you know, anytime software is introduced there is a learning curve. In some ways this is frustrating but we know that God in his wisdom has planned our adoption before the foundation of the world and we are just seeking to be patient and trust Him. I won’t lie. It’s tough sometimes

In the meantime, the training that we attended in TX was amazing. Much of it comes from research done by Dr. Karyn Purvis of TCU. She has authored a book related to the topic called The Connected Child. I must admit that after seminary and other study I am hesitant to accept any new psychological studies, but the info Dr. Purvis delivers is quite helpful. She is a follower of Jesus and allows this to inform her studies and influence her thought in educating parents of adopted children specifically as it relates to attachment and behavioral issues. I highly recommend the book above and you can  find a supplemental study guide to the book on this website. I could go on and on and on about the training and the specifics but I would have to blog for about a week to contain all the good stuff we learned. If you’d like to know specifics, please ask. Or if you would like to attend one of these trainings, you can do so. I’d be happy to get you the info.

One last development. Well it’s been developing for about 8 months and I’ve just not mentioned it here. Tori and I are moving and we will be moving to TN to join a new church plant called City Church (for some reason I can’t hyperlink so here is the website, http://www.borocitychurch.com ).We will be moving within the next 2 months (which does sadden us bc so many people here are so invested in our kids) but first we are awaiting the sale of our home and are both seeking jobs, as I will not be a paid staff member. We would greatly appreciate your prayers about this. It has been a couple stressful months as we prepare to move and hope that God will supply a good job for me so that Tori will be able to stay at home to love and serve our children when they come home.

I do have some more exciting news to come but I will blog about that within the next couple days. Stay Tuned!


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