So what has been going on with the Youngs? Well, paperwork and waiting! Adoption is certainly something exciting but it is characterized by a tremendous amount of waiting. Waiting on the Dr’s office to complete paperwork. Waiting on the U.S. gov’t to approve us to adopt. Waiting to hear back whether or not we’ll be approved for a grant. Waiting!

Recently we had been waiting to find someone to do a psychological evaluation that is required by the Colombian government. Just last Friday we managed to get that completed by a great Dr. and professor from SEBTS. And now we wait for a couple more weeks for this evaluation to be completed. More waiting.

We had been told by our adoption agency that we should encourage our friends not to ask us about our adoption because it is characterized by waiting and some can become frustrated and even depressed over the long wait. We were blown away by this advice. We love the questions. We don’t like the waiting but we love to talk about what we’re waiting on. If you’re willing to hear about seemingly unimportant events that nearly amount to nothing but are progress for us, please ask! All this waiting reminds me of God’s patience towards me.

You see, I daily choose other things other than God but God is patient toward me in not giving what I deserve (his wrath) but in his grace gives me love. A picture of this can be seen in 2 Peter 3:9. God in his patience seeks that all reach repentance. I’ve heard it said that repentance is turning 180 degrees from sin. But recently I heard something even better. Repentance is characterized just not by turning from your sin but turning to Jesus. The first option seems like some kind of bad self-help method. Turning Jesus means that you fully rely on him, his grace, his work on the cross to reconcile you to God the Father and not on the things you can do for God. This is the gospel.

So here we are, waiting. God, thank you for waiting on me and Tori as we wait!


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