The Yard Sale: Explained

You’re right to notice that it has been nearly a week since we have updated the blog. It has taken us that long to just digest what happened last Saturday. As I’m sure you’ve heard, we raised over $3,700 with our yard sale (from this point known as YS). From what I’ve heard, that amount is outrageous! We’ve tried to think about what we sold to amount to that much money and we come up empty. The fact is…we just sold a lot of stuff. I will get some pictures up soon but in this post we just want to talk a little about what exactly happened last Friday and Saturday.

First of all, we are indebted to the many people who helped us. There were no less than 75 people involved in the YS. Isn’t that incredible? That’s including the people who donated things as well as the many people we had helping us for those two days. We have been humbled with the fact that so many people care for us and care about seeing our Colombian babies come home. So if you’re one of the 75, we could not say thank you enough! No, Really! We really couldn’t!

Why is this so humbling? Well this come from the wickedness of my (Jeremy) heart. Sometimes I am extremely selfish with my spare time  because of my introverted nature. I began to think about the many people who spent about 5 hours at our house Friday night until 11pm and then returned the next morning at 5am to help us get set up and then continued to stay until 4pm Saturday. I was humbled and challenged at their display of selfless love. These people displayed Christ to me in a way that heavily impacted me. I am grateful that the body of Christ builds one another up and also challenges one another, sometimes in a silent way by way of their actions.

Second, thank you to the many people who helped get the word out about our YS. We should have counted but I think we had over 200 people come by and buy things. We even had one family drive 2 hours from Virginia just to come to our YS. And no they were not my parents. No one knew them but it was due largely in part to one of our friends blowing up Craigslist about 15 times in two days about the hugeness of the event. I’m just surprised she didn’t get banned!

Lastly, we were humbled by God’s graciousness! We certainly did not deserve any of this. There have been multiple families that we know who’ve come nowhere near selling what we did and put in more work than us. Why was ours a huge success? We have no idea! We could point to the newspaper ad that ran for 4 days, the multiple Craigslist ads, the flyers, the Facebook invites, the tweets about the YS but everyone else has done the same. We are comfortable in pointing the success back to God. Not because we are super holy but because in many ways we were faithless!

“What do you mean by that”, you ask? I  never once thought or believed we could have the success that we did. We had been talking about some goals the week before and we surmised that we could reasonably sell about $1,500. We had some friends who two weeks prior did $1,300 and the largest we had heard of was $1,800. So we settled on the reasonable goal of $1,500 and set our huge goal at $2,000. I mean for real, you know how hard it is to sell $500 worth of stuff at a yard sale. That’s a lot of $1 cookies! So as you know, you always have to have an absurd goal that you just pull out of nowhere and we threw out $3,000 but it never even was a reasonable goal to me. I thought we could never to that. Well boy was I shown how little my faith was!

As I mentioned in this post, We needed about $4k to get to the next stage of our adoption. We just knew this would be a struggle. Maybe we would have to hit the pause button or maybe have to borrow some money. What would we do? I wish I could say that I believed God could provide by the YS. I’m sure Tori did because she’s not as stubborn as I am. As you know, we sold $3,700 worth of stuff and along with the donations that we have been receiving over the pst couple of months, we have enough money to get to the next step. Amazing!!! So again, we are blown away by God’s provision in the midst of our lack of faith (I really mean my lack of faith). Once again, God pours out his grace on two undeserving which only reminds me of how undeserving I am of his love.

I’m grateful for opportunities like these that God uses to remind me of his  grace. It was poured out for me over 2K years ago on a nasty, splinter laden tree on which Jesus hung. Through this act God settled my debt brought about by my rebellion on no terms of my own. It was poured out in Him supplying the funds to get to the next step of adoption in the mist my unbelief. It was poured out in having some amazing friends help us for over 15 hours with the YS. It will soon be poured out in us receiving our children from over 2100 miles away!

Stay tuned for pics!!



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  1. I can’t wait to see some pics!

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