Chuggin along

Hurray!! We have some progress. We just confirmed yesterday that we will be having our home study done on November 2nd. From our understanding this usually takes a couple visits spread out over a couple weeks. Well…we were surprised and excited to hear that the lady doing ours has asked if we could do it in one session of 4 hours. Hmmm, let me check my calendar. (1 second later) OK!!!! On top of that she said she would have the report ready by the end of that week. We are so excited that this process, which normally takes a while, will supposedly only take us one week to accomplish. And so we keep chuggin along.

So you ask, “what is a home study?” Well the phrase itself pretty much describes what happens. They come to our house; make sure we can have 2 children; make sure we’re sane enough to have children; and go through about 20 rounds of 20 questions. After all this info is gathered, the social worker then writes up a glistening report about our future parenting prowess. So there you have it! I’m sure I’m missing something but it should be an interesting  4 hours.

We are grateful for your continued prayer and support. We’re so glad that so many can join us for this long journey to bring our Colombian orphans home!

Oh, don’t forget your puzzle piece!


One response to “Chuggin along

  1. Wow one session!!! That’s amazing. I am so happy for you two. 🙂

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