Our Adoption

Well the title of the blog is a double entendre. That means that the title can be understood in either of two ways (Literally it means double meaning). Tori and I have decided to adopt because we were both adopted. That might come as a surprise to you but I don’t mean it the way you’re probably thinking. You see the both of us were invited into the family of God a number of years ago. Galatians 4:4-5 describes how Jesus not only came into the world to make a way for us to God but also secured my adoption. It describes our status now as literally sons and daughters of God. Think about that for a second. Because of Jesus, I have access to God not only as creator, sustainer, etc., but the apostle Paul describes us as being his children. This is how we are adopted. This is much of the reason that we desire to adopt. We want to adopt in order to further demonstrate what God has done for us.

Another reason we are adopting is because there are over 145 million orphans worldwide. That is nearly half of the population of the U.S. That’s a lot of children without parents. How will these children ever understand that there is a God who loves them if they never have parents who can show them a glimpse of love? I’m not at all saying that this is something that all should do but it is definitely something that we feel that God is asking us to do.

We are doing this not because we are trying to show God how awesome we are. But we are doing this because we want to show how awesome God is. He has rescued us and adopted us. It’s our desire to rescue and adopt two children (for now, maybe more in the future) as a small sign of what God has done for us!

Now, let’s be clear before the silly questions ensue. We have chosen adoption as our first option. Though some assume that we are doing this because we can’t get pregnant that is not the case. (Note: If you have adopted due to trouble with pregnancy I hope that you will not take offense at this). I think it’s sad that many believe that receiving orphans is some sort of second rate way of having children. Tori and I have found that many adoption resources are lumped together with infertility resources. This really saddens me. As my sister so eloquently said, “despite the color of a child’s skin, all kids need love.” Instead of loving orphans we have somehow reduced them to second-class children. I too once thought of orphans in this same way until God worked in my heart to show me how He thought of me. So in a way, I have despised my own way of thinking.

Well this is the short of why we are adopting. I could keep typing because God has done much to change our minds (I should really say my mind) towards adoption. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We’ll attempt to keep you informed on the progress.

Be sure though…We are more excited about this than you could imagine!!!


4 responses to “Our Adoption

  1. I read this today because Brad O’Brien had commented on Facebook. Adoption is a wonderful example of what God did for us, and your adoption of orphaned children will be a tangible example of your gratefulness. I firmly believe that no matter how a child comes in to a family that God intended that child to be there. When born into the family, it is more obvious. When adopted in to a family, you are still THE parents He chose for that child. Birth parents, foster families, orphanages and adoption agencies are the conduits He used to bring that child to you. The child is not there because a birth family could not take care of them. They are there because God ordained them to be your child as His FIRST choice.

    We’ll be praying for you as God is revealing your children’s path to you, their mom and dad!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement Amy! It’s so amazing to us to hear about how many other people have adopted. Tori and I would really appreciate your prayers.

  2. By that way, I know this is true because God brought our son to us by adoption, performing some 20 or so miracles along to the way to show just how awesome He is. Noone on earth could convince me that this child was not fearfully and wonderfully made specifically to be our son.

  3. We can’t wait unitl 0ur grandbabies arrive to their new home. We think this is such a great way to share in the process. Yes, of course we want to help!

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